Welcome to Audi South Austin

Hello and welcome to Audi South Austin! We're excited to introduce our multilingual team members who are ready to assist you! Our team will get you the test drive, service appointment or vehicle quote you need, your way! 

¡Hola y bienvenido a Audi South Austin! ¡Nos complace presentar a los miembros de nuestro equipo multilingüe que están listos para ayudarlo! Nuestro equipo le proporcionará la prueba de manejo, la cita de servicio o la cotización del vehículo que necesita, ¡a su manera!

Annyeonghaseyo, Audi South Austin-e osin geos-eul hwan-yeonghabnida! yeoleobun-eul doul junbigadoeeoissneun dagug-eo tim-won-eul sogaehagedoeeo gippeubnida! uli tim-eun pil-yohan siseung, seobiseu yagsog ttoneun chalyang gyeonjeog-eul wonhaneun bangsig-eulo jegonghabnida!

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Yo hablo español

Geovanny Ventura, Audi Brand Specialist

From: Houston, TX

Favorite Audi: RS5

Fun Fact: I love traveling and have visited 43 states, and plan to visit the other 7 soon.

Jose Congo, Audi Brand Specialist

From: Mexico City, Mexico

Favorite Audi: RS3

Fun Fact: When I was 6 years old I ate a candle that was shaped like a Hershey kiss and life hasn't been the same since.

Jaime Navarro, Parts Manager

From: Austin, TX

Favorite Audi: R8

Fun Fact: I've work in automotive parts for 24 years and practice my golf swing when I'm not working.

Manny Reyna , Audi Parts Specialist

From: Victoria, TX

Favorite Audi: RS7

Fun Fact: I like playing with classic cars.


Naneun hangug-eoleulhanda

David Byun, Service Advisor

From: Chicago, IL

Favorite Audi: RS6

Fun Fact: I like building race cars in my garage and race SPCA. Autocrossing is life! #turbochargedforever