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General Manager

Riley Walker
General Manager

From: Central Texas

Favorite Audi: RS7

Fun Fact: My wife, daughter, 2 sons, and dog are my everything!



Philipe Pinto
Audi Brand Specialist

From: Lisbon, Portugal

Favorite Audi: RS3

Fun Fact: I am a food connoisseur.

Chris Austin
Audi Brand Specialist

From: Amarillo, TX

Favorite Audi: RS7

Fun Fact: I went to college for high jump with a record of 7 feet.

John Bowyer
Audi Brand Specialist

From: Austin, TX

Favorite Audi: S4

Fun Fact: I've been selling Audi longer than anyone in Austin and I don't like fish.

Clay Wehmeyer
Audi Brand Specialist

From: Kerrville, TX

Favorite Audi: RS6

Fun Fact: I am Audi South's Sport Ambassador and have completed 150+ hour of specialized instruction including Audi Driving Experience classes. I am an avid fly-fisherman and tie my own flies in my free time.

Geovanny Ventura
Audi Brand Specialist

From: Houston, TX

Favorite Audi: RS5

Fun Fact: I love traveling and have visited 43 states, and plan to visit the other 7 soon.

Jose Congo
Audi Brand Specialist

From: Mexico City, Mexico

Favorite Audi: RS3

Fun Fact: When I was 6 years old I ate a candle that was shaped like a Hershey kiss and life hasn't been the same since.


Jon Ballard
Audi Brand Specialist

From: Tokya, Japan

Favorite Audi: RS7

Fun Fact: I'm a licensed cosmetologist. And no, I won't do your hair.

Carlos Mora
Audi Brand Specialist

Bill Strempfer
Audi Brand Technologist

From: East Windsor, CT

Favorite Audi: E-tron Sportback

Fun Fact: I went to school for Graphic Design, and enjoy video games in my spare time.


Financial Services Managers

Sonny Lockett
Financial Services Manager

From: Columbus, Ohio

Favorite Audi: E-tron GT RS

Fun Fact: Is giving a fun fact a requirement?

Chris Ray
Financial Services Manager

From: South Bend, IN

Favorite Audi: S4

Fun Fact: While in college my band won Battle of the Bands at Notre Dame and opened Business for The Guess Who at the Stepan Center.

Luke Parker
Financial Services Manager

From: Charlotte, NC

Favorite Audi: R8 Coupe

Fun Fact: I go big or go home.



New Car Managers

Bill Brewer
New Car Sales Manager

From: San Antonio, TX

Favorite Audi: RSQ8

Fun Fact: Bruce Willis is my doppelgänger.

Adrian Acosta
Assistant Sales Manager

From: New York, NY

Favorite Audi: RS6 Avant

Fun Fact: I'm a car detailing enthusiast!


Pre Owned Sales Managers

Craig Stickler
Pre Owned Sales Manager

From: Olympia, WA

Favorite Audi: RS7

Fun Fact: I get younger ever day. 

Charles Moradi
Pre Owned Sales Manager

From: Dallas, TX

Favorite Audi: S4

Fun Fact: I am a dad, musician, retired semi-pro downhill mountain biker, Ironman Triathlete, and ran over 30 marathons including Boston in 2015 with a 2:56 PR.


Service and Parts Managers

Lauren DuVall
Service Manager

From: Mont Belvieu, TX

Favorite Audi: Her S5

Fun Fact: I was December 2020 "Woman To Watch" in ATX Women magazine.

Matt Hubbard
Assistant Service Manager

From: Austin, TX

Favorite Audi: RS6 Avant

Fun Fact: I like to mountain bike and do yoga. Also, I have a cat named Diesel that likes walks on a leash. 

Omar Esqueda
Shop Foreman

From: Lubbock, TX

Favorite Audi: RS6 Avant

Fun Fact: When I'm not working you'll find me BBQ'ing a juicy brisket or coaching baseball.


Guest Services

Jennifer Doyle
Guest Services Manager

From: Chantilly, VA

Favorite Audi: SQ5

Fun Fact: I'm half Indian, never been to India, and I can say the alphabet faster backwards than forwards.


Parts Department

Ezekiel Perez
Parts Specialist

From: Houston, TX

Favorite Audi: A6

Fun Fact: I like watching documentaries and eating Mexican food.

Manny Reyna
Audi Parts Specialist

From: Victoria, TX

Favorite Audi: RS7

Fun Fact: I like playing with classic cars.

Edward Aragon
Audi Wholesale Parts Specialist

From: El Paso, TX

Favorite Audi: Q5 TDI

Fun Fact: I have been married for 28 years. It's been fun, and that's a fact! I also enjoy 4-wheeling with my wife and 2 kids.           


Service Department

Crystal Townsend
Service Writer

From: Austin, TX

Favorite Audi: RS7

Fun Fact: I take pride in my work and try to give nothing but the best! I like to keep things interesting with my hair too.

Chrstina Turner
Service Writer

From: Charleston, SC

Favorite Audi: RSQ8

Fun Fact: While living in D.C. I taught Michelle Obama and her friends how to row.

Grace Brown
Service Advisor

From: Texas

Favorite Audi: TTRS

Fun Fact: I love collecting comic books and working out.

Steve Berczik
Service Advisor

From: Southern California

Favorite Audi: RS7

Fun Fact: I've worked in the auto industry since I was 16 and I love to play golf in my free time.



Cindy Buckner
Accounting Supervisor

Wendy Marek
Title & Registration Clerk

Heidi Acosta
Accounting Assistant