MMI® Touch Response System

The MMI® Touch Response System to Control Your Audi

An infotainment system needs to be intuitive and effective, giving you the best experience when you need to change settings, navigation, or music. Our team is excited to show you how the MMI® Touch Response System fosters impressive control over everything inside your Audi, keeping you confident that this is the system you want in the model you choose.

Using the Intuitive Controls of the MMI® Touch Response System

You can rearrange the menus to be easily navigated and natural for your own use. This can be done the same way your smartphone can rearrange its apps: just pushing on them and dragging your finger. Having similarities with your smartphone means you already know how to use most of this system, letting you start strong as soon as you get behind the wheel.

This system is unique among its peers, allowing you to use your handwriting to search menus and input commands. You can do this one letter at a time or you can write out full words, whichever you prefer. This means you can keep your eyes forward while doing natural motions to input commands, reducing distractions and maximizing function.

Talking Naturally for Voice Controls

While other systems make you use their catchphrases or specific commands, the Audi MMI® Touch Response System reacts to natural voice controls. You can use natural phrases and keywords to navigate menus without needing to take your hands off the wheel, making sure you will be able to stay in control of everything you could want during your commute or adventure.

Natural voice commands include regular questions like "Has anybody called me?" or telling it what you want to do like "Take me to Mount Bonnell" so that you won't need to be confused. Our team can help you learn how to use this system and will help you see everything that it can be capable of. We are excited to get you behind the wheel so that you can get the most enjoyment from your time driving.

Learn More About the MMI® Touch Response System by Contacting Our Team

We can show you how to use this system when you are choosing your new Audi, or you can contact our team at any point during your time of ownership to ask questions about it. We can give you detailed responses over the phone or in the chat, or you can bring your vehicle to us and we can show you everything that you will need to control your settings and features.

Our experts are always happy to help you learn more about your new Audi model, sharing in the excitement when you learn that it can do everything that you want it to. Competitors don't have as simple or advanced of a system that will control your cabin, which is why we encourage you to visit our dealership so that we can help you see what a new Audi model will add to your life.

We can show you each new Audi sedan and SUV, helping you find the one that can come equipped with everything you have been looking for. A test drive is all that it will take to help you see which of these models you will want in your driveway.

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