Audi Connect® Packages

What is the Audi Connect® System?

The Audi Connect® systems give you some of the most advanced features and options, further distinguishing them from the competition. Audi has always been known for having the most exciting and innovative models on the market, and we are excited to show you how the Audi Connect® systems maintain that tradition. There are multiple options when it comes to Audi Connect® and we want to show you each so that you can decide which has all the features you have been looking for.

Audi Connect® CARE

Every new Audi model comes equipped with Audi Connect® CARE, keeping you confident on every road trip, daily commute, or weekend adventure. This system allows you to make SOS calls, contact roadside assistance, and to remotely lock or unlock your Audi. You can also use the car finder feature so you don't need to wander when it comes to finding where you parked.

The Audi e-tron® comes with unique features in this package. In-vehicle trip planning, stationary climate control, and remote charging information will give you the best experience for the time you spend in the driver's seat. You will have complete control over the vehicle to ensure you are prepared for the drive that is ahead.

Audi Connect® PRIME

This system is complimentary for six months after you buy a new Audi, giving you advanced systems that you will love to extend when the time comes. With popular features like Google Earth™ that gives a detailed map of any area, and the option to drop pins and change angles, you'll have more information than ever before. You'll also be getting Natural Voice Recognition with Amazon Alexa™ so that you can easily change settings without distractions.

Live traffic information through this system makes every drive more enjoyable, letting you adjust the route to ensure you won't need to waste your time waiting for it to start moving again. You will be able to take advantage of the driving experience that Audi models are known for, letting you press down on the pedal and stay excited on the way to where you want to be.

Audi Connect® PLUS

With a focus on entertainment, the Audi Connect® PLUS package lets you stay connected to the internet no matter where you go. The variety of Wi-Fi® data plans to convert your Audi into a hotspot shows that new Audi models have unlimited potential. Also giving you access to the Amazon Music library, you'll be able to look through millions of songs to find the one that is perfect for every drive that you take.

The Wi-Fi® integration means your Audi can become a mobile office or the most entertaining road trip option you have. The wide variety of innovative features makes sure you have the best driving experience for every road that is ahead, and we encourage you to contact our team to learn more about what this package adds to your life.

Learn More About Audi Connect® When Contacting Our Dealership

We are happy to show you how each new Audi model will be able to offer these advanced features, helping you decide which model and package you will want in your life. Our team can help you download and use the myAudi App to get control over most of these features, making sure you have all the answers that you need for the road ahead. You can use our resources when you buy your vehicle, or you can contact our team at any point throughout ownership to help you see everything your new Audi can do. 

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