In Real News, Audi Has a Team of People Who Smell Cars


This isn't very new news, but it's still cool to know--and it's completely real:

Audi employs a team of professionals, called the Audi Odor Team, whose primary job it is to sniff the interior of an Audi car before it finds itself rolling off the official production line.

And while this may sound odd at best, it's not that strange when you consider that Audi is one of the few automakers, even among luxury brands, to truly be obsessed with the quality of their interiors.

From the materials they use--like real, genuine leather upholstery--to the specific, ergonomic layouts perfectly centered toward the driver, an Audi interior is unlike anything else.

So, why wouldn't they be obsessed with creating the most neutral odor possible?


How do smell engineers do it?

First, they do a preliminary overall "scent test" of the interior, to check if there are any unpleasant aromas. Then, they really get their sniffers in there to figure out which specific parts, materials, or adornments are the smelly perpetrators. The designers and engineers work together to figure out to either neutralize the natural odor, or trade out the material for something less aromatic. Once every fabric and plastic has been optimized for odor (or lack thereof), the interior is reassembled and once again tested for overall smell.


Why do they do it?

Here's what Audi had to say.

"They work to ensure a consistently pleasant odor level in Audi vehicles. Plastic parts that give off unpleasant odors, leather that smells like fish oil or floor mats that exude an aroma of onions don’t stand a chance at Audi. The same goes for materials that can give off unhealthy emissions in the car. Around 500 different components from each model’s interior are analyzed using the human nose as a measuring device. Audi applies the strictest standards in its fight against odors and sets the benchmark for the industry."

Don't believe it? Swing by Audi South Austin to explore the new lineup, and get into a gorgeous new Audi A4, A6, Q5, Q7, or TT interior.

Smell the difference.


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