With recent Austin temperatures dipping down to around 11 degrees, and some Texas cities toeing the line near 0 degrees (what is this--Canada?), some South Austin drivers may be reconsidering All-Wheel Drive for their vehicle.

Fortunately, the capable and comfortable 2018 Audi Q7 comes standard with quattro AWD, making it an easy option for local Texans who want to be prepared for the rest of this winter season--and the next few seasons, too.

But Audi's AWD system doesn't just make the 2018 Q7 a strong performer in the snow--it can improve and optimize acceleration and handling all year long, rain or shine, on pavement, dirt, gravel, sand, and more.

Is AWD just as good as 4WD?

Many engineering pros would argue yes.

And some might argue that quattro all-wheel drive is even better than conventional four-wheel-drive systems that you might find on a truck or bulky SUV.

As it stands, there is no Audi 4WD system--because quattro has been developed so meticulously over the past 40 years to offer an unparalleled performance in any weather. And a bonus: because all-wheel-drive systems have been engineered to primarily push power toward the front wheels alone, they don't compromise fuel economy nearly as much as four-wheel-drive systems typically do.

While 4WD is great for low-speed traction (that's why it's typically better for trucks and towing vehicles--they really only need it for starting and stopping), AWD is for all-speed, all-road, and all-weather traction.

Pair Audi Q7 quattro all-wheel drive with a great set of snow/winter tires, and you can navigate the next Austin snow storm with confidence.


Let's get started: shop new 2017 Audi Q7 AWD inventory in Austin to find your next new luxury SUV.

Ready, set, snow.


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