Audi Magna Society Award - Audi South Austin Wins Again!


We've done it again! For the third year in a row, Audi South Austin has won an Audi Magna Society Award! Audi South Austin is the only Central/South Texas dealer to achieve the Audi Magna Society Award for the 2018 year! Through hard work and passion, our team has made the cut for the prestigious Audi Manga Society Award. It's exciting to announce the award and provides reassurance that our vision for success aligns with Audi USA's vision.

Audi Magna Society Award Determinations

In order for Audi dealerships to qualify for the Audi Magna Society Award, they must display, "an exceptional level of customer service as well as strong business performance".  Sure, winning one year is nice, but we weren't satisfied! The award is simply a reminder that our level of commitment and service is at a standard that Audi USA marks as "exceptional". For us, it's business as usual, and that's why we continue to be recognized as an Audi dealership that goes above and beyond Audi USA expectations.

The Audi South Austin Team

While some dealerships just sell cars, Audi South Austin can assist drivers with aspects of vehicle ownership beyond just buying a vehicle. We can help drivers with finding financing for their new purchase along with long-term servicing assistance. With in-house service, parts, finance, and sales experts, drivers can look to Audi South Austin for repair and maintenance needs along with vehicle purchasing needs. We're all about keeping things professional and straightforward, here at Audi South Austin! If you're a Central/ South Texas driver that's looking for a dealership that's proven to provide drivers with exceptional service, stop by Audi South Austin!   Luxury vehicles and passionate service abound at Audi South Austin!

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